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Mary Mucci from News 12 Long Island Naturally interviews Dr. Matt Lewis about the hidden weight loss barriers that prevent people from achieving their desired weight.

Dr. Matt discusses how and why the gluten that we produce today can impact our bodies, why gluten intolerance is usually not diagnosed, and simple ways to test-out removing gluten from your diet and observing the impact for yourself!

Dr. Matt visits Strictly Gluten Free, located in East Northport. Strictly Gluten Free is the premier exclusive gluten free marketplace for the onsite and online health conscience consumer maintaining a gluten free lifestyle. They connect gluten free consumers with all the newest and highest quality gluten free products on the market from all over the world.

What is Celiac Disease? What is a Gluten Intolerance? Why has Gluten become so bad for our bodies? Dr. Matt Lewis answers these questions on News 12, Long Island Naturally.

Dr. Matt Lewis, DC discusses how to combat thyroid disease on Long Island Naturally.

Dr. Matt Lewis explains the importance of good nutrition and enzymes on News 12 Long Island.

Detoxification and Healthy,, February 25, 2011

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Our family have been patients of Dr. Matt since 2005. I doubt that there is enough space to tell everyone what a wonderful and caring person he is and how much he has helped us. Dr. Matt is not only a wonderful Doctor but he takes a personal interest in his patients. He treats the whole person physically and emotionally. No other Doctor today takes the time to call his patients and check on their health and over all well being. He has made time for me and my family even on days when he is not in the office because he knew we needed his help. He is extremely knowledgable about chiropractic care and nutrition, and continues to educate himself to give his patients the best possible care. He has truly become a part of our family.

I easily lost 30lbs and have kept it off for the last 12 months. The team at Dr. Matt’s office explained to me what was preventing me from losing weight permanently and motivated me through the whole process. I have never felt so confident!

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